Monday, October 20, 2014

ray rodriguez and eddie lebron



Fui Sincero

Yo Te Lo Dedico

For Sentimental Reasons

Si Quieres

Eddie´s Guaguanco


Rico Son


Eddie Lebron: Vocales y Piano

Alfonso "Cachito" Tirado: Vocales

Conchi Soto: Vocales

Ibes Gonzalez: Saxofón Alto

Gabi Ignetti: Saxofón Alto

Rolando Lopez: Trompeta

Leopoldo Pineda: Trombón

Joe "Papo" Boine: Timbales

Mike Medina: Conga

David Cilva: Bongos

George Rivera: Bajo

Abdul O`Dool: Vocales en Ingles

Sunday, August 31, 2014

ismael miranda el nino bonito 2 cd

Ismael Miranda - A Man And His Music: El Niño Bonito 2-CD Set

CD (Fania Codigo 508019), Released 2012;

With the musical training he picked up from various bands and sextets, Ismael Miranda built the foundation of his future professional career.

He was only 19 years old when he joined the talented Fania Records family. The intense pressure exerted by the label to release a weekly production suited Ismael, who participated in these performances as a member of the chorus.

It didn’t take long for Larry Harlow to discover the young artist’s talent and potential. He approached Ismael and offered to officially introduce him to the music world with the album “Orquesta Harlow Presenta a Ismael Miranda” (“The Harlow Orchestra Presents Ismael Miranda”). From then on, Ismael collaborated with the orchestra on successive recordings, making a name for himself as a composer. Many of the songs he wrote had a long-lasting impact, and became wildly successful with fans.

By 1973, he was an established musician. He burst onto the scene with the album “Así se compone un son,” which launched a new stage of his career. Now, he fronted his own band, and went on to break sales and popularity records, taking Latin America, Europe, and the United States by storm. (label, 2012-05-22)
Vocalist Ismael Miranda's fans have been a patient lot. For years they've waded through countless "greatest-hits" and label-selected compilations with some frustration, because many of the artist's true gems were missing. Finally, Fania does itself and Miranda proud with El Niño Bonita, a double-disc, 32-track compilation that includes not only the big numbers, but many other gems, the true audience favorites that have been requested in concert for decades. The reason is simply that this compilation was not only selected by but sequenced by Miranda. Some may regard the choices as controversial, since there are only a few cuts from his 1967-1972 period with Larry Harlow's Orchestra, but the best of those tracks are already featured on so many of Harlow's and Miranda's hits collections, they aren't missed here. (See track selection below.) The vast majority of El Niño Bonita is culled from the period between 1972 and 1983 -- Miranda's gleaming years as a solo performer. There are five tracks from The Master, and four each from En Fa Menor, Este Es Ismael Miranda, and La Clave del Sabor. The rest are taken from other albums, singles, B-sides, and live numbers. Among the many gems are "Ahora Si" from As Se Compone un Son, "Tu Me Abandonista" off Yo No Voy al Festival, "Naci Para Cantar" from Sabor, Sentimento y Pueblo, "No Le Cambien la Estrella" from Una Nueva Vision, and Miranda's killer version of Rubén Blades' "Aunque Me Duela," to name just a few. This set is not necessarily meant to replace all previous hits sets, but to augment them with deep catalog selections and offer a definitive portrait of the artist. It succeeds peerlessly. ~ Thom Jurek

cd 1

    1 No Le Cambien La Estrella
    2 As Se Compone Un Son
    3 Puerto Abandonado
    4 Esp ritu En Flor
    5 Amigo D jala
    6 La Cosa No Es Como Antes
    7 Tu Me Abandonaste
    8 Cipriano Armenteros
    9 Madre
    10 Nac Para Cantar
    11 Como Mi Pueblo
    12 Borinquen Tiene Montuno
    13 Anque Me Duela
    14 Galera Tres
    15 Carcel Sin Rejas
    16 Idolatria

cd 2

    1 Sin Ti
    2 Las Esquinas Son
    3 Nervios De Acero
    4 Ahora Si
    5 Mi Mami Me Quiere
    6 Mi Ni a Bonita
    7 As Es La Gente
    8 Cuando Un Cantor Est Preso
    9 Ayer
    10 Antonico
    11 Arsenio
    12 Abandonada Fue
    13 Ayer Me Enter
    14 Vengo Vira'o
    15 Abran Paso
    16 Maria Luisa

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

pacheco y el conde lo mejor

ponle punto
baila vicente
azucar mami
soy el mejor
soy hijo del siboney
dulce con dulce
cositas buenas
como conoci la gorda
que no muera el son